Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Gift

"In, out
Deep, slow
Calm, ease
Smile, release
Present moment, wonderful moment."

Meditation Poem
From The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh

"The fourth element of our body is air. The best way to experience the air element is the practice of mindful breathing.

"Breathing in, I know I am breathing in. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out." After saying these sentences we can abbreviate them by saying "In" as we breath in and "Out" as we breath out. We don't try to control our breathing. Whether our in-breath is long or short, deep or shallow, we just breath naturally and shine the light of mindfulness on it. When we do this we notice that, in fact, our breathing does become slower and deeper naturally. "Breathing in, my in-breath has become deep. Breathing out, my out-breath has become slow." Now we can practice, "Deep/slow". We don't have to make an extra effort. It just becomes deeper and slower by itself, and we recognize that.

"Later on, you will notice that you have become calmer and more at ease.

"Breathing in, I feel calm. Breathing out, I feel at ease." I am not struggling anymore. Calm/ease." And then, "Breathing in, I smile. Breathing out, I release all my worries and anxieties. Smile/release." We are able to smile to ourselves and release all our worries. There are more than three hundred muscles in our face, and when we know how to breath in and smile, these muscles can relax. This is "mouth yoga." We smile and are able to release all our feelings and emotions. The last practice is, "Breathing in, I dwell deeply in the present moment. Breathing out, I know this is a wonderful moment. Present moment/wonderful moment." Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment fully alive and aware."

"In, out
Deep, slow
Calm, ease
Smile, release
Present moment, wonderful moment."

I find myself repeating these beautiful phrases easily, going about my day, not actually sitting down to meditate. Shoulders relax. Gut softens. Heart opens. The breath of life is the gift.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

World Labyrinth Day 2014

I so enjoyed getting together with old friends to walk this beautiful labyrinth on World Labyrinth Day, May 4, 2014. It was created several years ago by Lars Howlett of Discover Labyrinths. It is located in an old rock quarry and he chose stones from the hillside. At some times of the year the path is well-trodden, with very few "weeds" obscuring the stones. But today the California dandelions shimmering in a lovely pale yellow haze lined the paths of our meditative walk.

Sometimes people think that it requires a special event - like World Labyrinth Day - to walk a labyrinth.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Study Group for Angeles Arrien's
The Four-Fold Way:
Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary

This is a study and discussion group of this remarkable work by Angeles Arrien. I believe it holds the keys to living in integrity and joy. I believe it also shows the way to shift consciousness individually and collectively. I have found no other body of work that creates such a solid foundation for self-knowledge and self-actualization. And succinctly, efficiently and beautifully contained within the covers of one not-too-long book.

4 Classes: Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13 and Dec 11, 2014 (2nd Thursdays)
7-9 p.m., Half Moon Bay CA
$100 for 4 sessions

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meditation Class WINTER 2015

Meditation Circle
Developing a Practice of Meditation

4 Classes: Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 12 and Apr 9, 2015
(2nd Thursdays January - April)
7 - 9 p.m. in Half Moon Bay, CA
$100 for the series

Meditation relieves stress, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and improves creativity and memory. It helps us feel more centered, calm, and in touch with our inner guidance. It is easy to do, and yet most people do not make the time or effort. What's your excuse?

We will explore different approaches to meditation - relaxation, breath, movement, visualization and affirmation. Indoors or outdoors, in motion or stillness, with sound or silence, there is a path that creates the deepest connection with the greatest ease to your inner peace and wisdom.

Begin to reap the many benefits of meditation and develop a life-long practice. Come find your Way.

Meta Orear, facilitator
phone: 650-847-0309
email: metaorear@gmail.com
Online Purchases: Meta's Square Marketplace or PayPal
In-Person: Check, Cash or Credit

Thursday, December 5, 2013

2-Minute Meditation: A Warm Cup of Tea

Please enjoy this short meditation that you can use during the holidays or any time you need to regain your center. You can listen as often as you like, or you can listen once and then continue to dip into tranquility whenever you wish. The introduction lasts about a minute. The meditation itself is 2 minutes long.



Wednesday, November 20, 2013


May your hands be cleansed so that they create beautiful things.
May your feet be cleansed so that they take you where you are most needed.
May your heart be cleansed so that you hear its guidance clearly.
May your throat be cleansed so that you speak words of kindness and love.
May your eyes be cleansed so that you see the wonder and magic all around you.
May every cell of your being be restored to its pristine state.
And so it is! with love and gratitude.

As I read these words posted by Emmanuel Dagher, I felt a deep urge to send this prayer to the Earth, and to include its waters in the vision. We can be cleansed and our energy purified by loving thought and intention. So can every thing in the universe if we hold and maintain a high vibration. Let's put down the worries about the state of the planet as we hear so much right now about the nuclear problems emanating from Japan. Let's make an exchange of energy this Thanksgiving with our beautiful Earth, appreciating and expressing gratitude for all of its gifts to us, and sending blessing and healing energy to the Earth from our hearts.

In deep appreciation to you,

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sample Recorded Meditations

These are short examples of the meditations for you to try out. The full recordings are about 5 minutes long, and include a 2-3 minute introduction and a 1-3 minute meditation. I recorded them very simply - it's just me and my computer. My purpose is to present different styles of meditation to you so that you can find a way that is easy for you, that pleases you, and that, once you discover your way, you will actually make the time to do.
BREATHE "I AM": Sample mp3

WARM CUP OF TEA: Sample mp3

 WIGGLE: Sample mp3



If you do not see AudioPal Player on this screen, please try a different internet browser. Google Chrome, Safari, and IE seem compatible but Mozilla Firefox is not co-operating. Thanks.

UPDATE: The full-length meditations will be available again after the first of the year.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A wonderful view of the Chartres Labyrinth from above
This photo came from Medytacja Labiryntu, on facebook, but I can find no attribution for photographer. It may be what Jeff Saward at labyrinthos.net refers to as the "often-published overhead photograph that appears in many books". "Like" their page to receive their fb posts (in Polish, but the translations can be read patiently. very funny.).

Construction of a labyrinth

In honor of World Labyrinth Day, today, May 4, 2013. This is a labyrinth event I facilitated last fall.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


This is a short list of resources that I find to be exceptional for meditators and labyrinth-seekers. Enjoy.

World-wide Labyrinth Locator self-explanatory, yes?

7 Masters, One Path by John Selby. This is the foundation of my meditation practice and teaching.

Meditation For Dummies by Stephan Bodian. I love the "Dummies" series, and this is no exception. Clear, funny, informative guide to classic Buddhist meditation practice.

The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual on Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh. Anything he writes is brilliant. Parallax is a publisher of books on "Mindful Living."

The Ways of the Mystic by Joan Borysenko. 7 different styles of meditating, suited to your personality. I use this in conjuction with Selby's 7 Masters to help my students develop a practice they will stick with.

Website of Lorin Roche. A brilliant assessment of meditation techniques and benefits. Well worth looking at.

Centered Living: The Way of Centering Prayer by M. Basil Pennington. He has written many books on the meditative life.

Labyrinthos.net Jeff Saward's beautiful website on labyrinths. Gorgeous photographs, history, construction instruction, etc. http://www.labyrinthos.net/layout.html

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude 2012

I love Thanksgiving now that I'm all grown up and running my own kitchen. We start cooking whenever we feel like it - no more 4 o'clock in the morning clandestine meetings with the turkey. And we eat whenever we eat, when the food is cooked and guests assembled - no more it-has-to-be-on-the-table-at-1pm-sharp-or-someone-will-have-a-stroke. It a most relaxing day, with time to be filled with gratitude for every scent, every flavor, every color, every utensil and every one. To all of  you, my friends, may your life be filled with love and may you make the time to appreciate it. And keep it Light. Happy Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Poem by Ogden Nash
(This may not be the title but was the best the internet could do.)
(you've got to rhyme "Los Angeles" with "tarantulas")

When Thanksgiving comes twice, who walks proud
As that grateful optimist Mr. McCloud?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Lemon Tree

Last week, as I sat outside enjoying the late-October afternoon sun, a shadow danced across the ground. It made that frisson run through my whole body, that little shiver-up-the-spine-to-the-top-of-the-head. They were back. The butterflies were back. Not just the Monarch, but the Swallowtail and West Coast Lady, too. They had come to visit the lemon tree in my backyard.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Beautiful Lavender Labyrinth

This beautiful lavandula labyrinth is in Katellaun, Germany, developed by Christa Wendling in 2005. A video is posted on the link below of the planting of the garden, other pictures, descriptions of labyrinths, information on the plants.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Solstice Labyrinth Walk

At this time of year, the universe pauses.

From June 19th through 22nd, 2012, the length of daylight remains the same; the sun rises at 5:48 a.m. and sets at 8:35 p.m. (PDT) The cosmos holds its breath. During this change of season, mid-way through the year is a beautiful opportunity for us to also pause and reflect on what has been planted and is now coming to fruition. Last evening, we held a Solstice Labyrinth Walk to do just that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The HD View on blogtalk radio

I am so thrilled to have been interviewed on this radio show. Please listen to the podcast below for my encapsulated view of life, and to become more aware of some of the issues facing those with HD. The things that we discussed impact everyone and can improve the quality of life for everyone. Our topics included:

Listening with an open mind and open heart.
Meditating easily, daily.
Learning that it is ok to take care of oneself first.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Meditation Samples

Summer roses at Grace Cathedral
I am really glad that I have figured out how to publish my meditation mp3s online. I have been so focused in the past 3 weeks on preparing the meditations, recording them, and designing the websites to get them out into the world! It has been many hours of flailing around in the [technological] dark, but I am pleased with the results of my first efforts.

These recordings are very simple.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Measurements for building a labyrinth

I have just found a wonderful website that will provide (metric) dimensions for your labyrinth if you plug one measurement such as path width into their excel spreadsheet. Here is the link.  I hope it lasts.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Infinity Centering Meditation

The infinity sign is in the shape of a figure-8.  Hold this symbol to your heart for this whole year.  Throughout the year, let it expand like ripples emanating from two pebbles dropped together in a pond of still water.  Centered in the heart, let the top of the "8" touch the throat and the bottom of the "8" rest at the stomach.  Allow it to expand to caress the brow and belly; the top of the head and the knees.  Let this symbol for infinity stretch to touch the Earth and the Sky.  Expand your conscious awareness of your connectedness to All-That-Is from the center of your heart.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Moon Meditation 11/6/2010 mp3

0 The Fool (Thoth Tarot Deck, Alistair Crowley), Carnelian, and
Owl (Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards, The Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust)


If you prefer to read this meditation, click here for the focus and here for the written meditation.

New Moon Meditation 11/6/2010:
The Fool, Owl, Carnelian

As we start our meditation, stretch, wiggle and scootch a little bit to send your body the signal that it is time to get quiet, time to go inward to connect with your own inner wisdom.
So get yourself in a comfortable position. And remember, let meditation be easy.  If you need to get a drink of water, adjust your position, cough, move around, feel free to do that. Meditation should be easy...otherwise we don't do it.

Let's take a deep breath...inhaling...full but not forced...exhaling...and relax. 

Focus for New Moon Meditation 11/6/2010:
The Fool, Owl, and Carnelian

For this meditation, let's focus on 3 energies:  the archetype of The Fool, who asks us to live our lives with courage and joy; the gemstone Carnelian, which works with the Orange Ray, the color of the 2nd chakra; and the animal Owl, particularly Barn Owl, who asks us to bring wisdom, magic, and perception to our conscious awareness.  I'll present a bit about each of these qualities and you bring your own knowldege and responses into your awareness.

The Fool is always stepping into renewal and growth. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Moon Meditation 11/5/2010

Last Quarter
I will be doing a new moon meditation with Mary Baxter (see her website at marysclearings.com) Friday night, Nov. 5, 2010, at 7pm.  Join us if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, or check back here to listen to the meditation after I post the recording.

RSVP to me at metareiki@comcast.net

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Full Moon 10/22/2010 mp3

I am so excited about this post!  I have finally succeeded in posting an audio version of my meditations on my blog.  There are still some technical things I need to figure out (like getting a better microphone) but overall I am really happy with it.  I'm using FileDen to store the file and Yahoo Media Player on the blog (if anybody else wants to try it).

Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Meditation 10/22/2010

Welcome to the Full Moon meditation for October, 2010.

Before we begin, let's take a moment to center, calming the body, mind and emotions.  So wiggle and scootch; send your body the signal that it is time to get quiet and go inward to connect with your inner wisdom keepers.

So take a deep breath, full but not forced... inhaling up from the Earth, through the soles of your feet, up your legs, your torso, neck, out the top of your head to the Sky... exhaling down through your body, out the soles of your feet...and relax.  Again, inhaling up through your belly, stomach, heart, throat, mouth, eyes, the top of your head...and exhale completely, let it all out,...and relax.  Inhaling deeply once more, filling every cell with loving life-force energy...exhaling, releasing...and relax.

Now following your own breath, at your own pace, take a few more breaths just to calm and settle.  Notice the environment around you, the sounds, the energy, what you are seeing if your eyes are open, what you are receiving if your eyes are closed.  Remain aware of your breath as we get ready to dive in...

Our focus for this meditation is the color Blue, Sky Blue.  This color represents the energy of  the voice, known as the throat chakra in Ayurvedic teachings.  The throat chakra is the center of Will and self-expression. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Moon Meditation 11/5/10

The next new moon meditation will be held on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 7 p.m.  Please bring a notebook so you can record what comes into your awareness during this evening.  It is very helpful to anchor in the wisdom by writing or drawing it, and it is also useful to check back later to see whether you have integrated the information into your life or you need to revise it.

Also, everyone please invite a man to the meditation.  They may or may be able to participate on this particular evening, but I want to expand this circle to include everyone.  The new moon is about new beginnings and as such is not "gender specific."  When I asked a man who joined us last time how to reach out to more men, he said "Each of you ladies should invite a man."  As simple as that!  So let's create this new beginning.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Labyrinth at Princeton Harbor

Created by Lars Howlett and friends, Spring Equinox 2009
Over the last several years, I have fallen in love with labyrinths.  My fun project for this fall is to photograph labyrinths around San Francisco, starting with one a mile away from my house.  It appeared about a year ago, overlooking the harbor at Princeton-by-the-Sea.  Maintained by invisible hands, I have also started to arrange the stones and sweep when I am there.

For me, meditation is the state of open-heart and open-mind; when body, mind, and emotions are aware and calm.  I include labyrinths in my meditation classes.  People are often surprised that you can meditate while moving, having come to the conclusion that it is necessary to sit absolutely still to achieve enlightenment.  (Half-smile)  In truth, we are moving all the time, with our breath, our pulse, the electrical currents running through our nerves. The dance stops when our inner rhythm section stops keeping the beat.  Rather than trying to control the body by blocking movement, we can relax into the motion and learn to walk in a meditative state all the time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meditation: First New Moon of Autumn 2010

Put yourself in a comfortable position that will allow you to easily pay attention to your inner world for a bit.  Have your notebook and pencils ready for writing after this meditation, to anchor in the information you receive.  And let's begin.

Wiggle and scootch to signal your body that it's time to go inward.  Take a deep breath, full but not forced, and exhale and relax.  And again.  Inhaling fully, exhaling completely - let it all out - and relax.  And once more, inhale filling your whole being, exhale releasing all tension, and relax.  And now continue to breathe at your own pace, being aware of your place in the universe, while I introduce our focus for this meditation.

This is the first new moon of autumn, 2010.

Angeles Arrien teaches in her book The Four Fold Way, a synthesis of indigenous cultures' lore, that the energy of Autumn is the Way of the Healer, the direction South, the element earth;  we are to "pay attention to what has heart and meaning."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Moon Meditation Circle 10/7/10

We have decided not to hold the new moon meditation in person this month because it falls on my daughter's 10th birthday and she has plans!  I am launching this blog today, however, to offer online "meta-tations." (Thanks Melissa for that great suggestion.)  I will post a meditation you can read for yourself, so check back Thursday evening, October 7, 2010, for the first new moon of autumn.