Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Moon Meditation 11/6/2010:
The Fool, Owl, Carnelian

As we start our meditation, stretch, wiggle and scootch a little bit to send your body the signal that it is time to get quiet, time to go inward to connect with your own inner wisdom.
So get yourself in a comfortable position. And remember, let meditation be easy.  If you need to get a drink of water, adjust your position, cough, move around, feel free to do that. Meditation should be easy...otherwise we don't do it.

Let's take a deep breath...inhaling...full but not forced...exhaling...and relax. 
And a couple more.  Take a deep breath, up from the earth through the soles of your feet, through your body, out the top of your head to the sky...exhaling...releasing all of your breath out through your feet...and relax.  And once more, inhaling...filling...exhaling...emptying...and relax.
And now, following your own your own pace... just notice the breath.  Allow the air to flow in through your nose, into your lungs, welcoming this gift of life, ...and exhaling, let the air flow out of your lungs, out your nose, releasing all tension.  Let's take a moment to pay attention to how it feels to breathe.

Now, as you continue to be aware of your breathing, let's add a second perception.  It could be an awareness of the room, of the sounds, of the energy.  It could be an image...a flower that you're looking at, a painting.  Focus on your breath and a 2nd physical sensation: sight, sound, touch, fragrance, or even taste if you're having a cup of tea or glass of water.  The important thing during a meditation is to allow the mind to settle down by asking it to pay attention to 2 perceptions of the physical body. As we continue, if the mind gets busy, just ask it to focus again on the breath and the energy of your environment.  Whatever is there is fine.  Let it be easy.  There could be noise, other people doesn't matter because you are centered in your calm mind and calm body, following your breath and just being aware of what else is going on. 

Let's bring forward the energies that we talked about during the introduction:  Joy and Courage, represented by the archetype of the Fool;  Carnelian and the Orange Ray which reflect the energy of the 2nd chakra, the belly chakra, and right-relationship, creativity, and balance in the physical world;  and let's also ask Owl to be present with its wisdom, its silent observation, and its keen perceptions.  Hold these in your mind as we each open to our own wisdom. 

Let's pose the questions, "How am I in relationships, including in relationship to myself?   Do I meet myself with joy?  Do I stand in my creative power?  Do I have the courage to be myself with others?  Or even, where do I let my power leak away?  You may of course ask any other question that comes to you.

Continue to follow your breath and be aware of your environment.  Let it be easy.  We ask our questions in this quiet space, with a calm body, calm mind, and an open heart.  Remember that we are not searching for answers, we're not sending the mind out looking for them, we are allowing answers to emerge from within.

When you have finished your meditation, gently bring your awareness back to your environment.  You may wish to write or draw the insights you received or simply how it felt.  We do this to anchor in the wisdom and to remember it.

I hope you have enjoyed this New Moon Meditation and that you will check back on the next New Moon.


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